Below is a sample list of average price ranges, just to give an idea of what my ranges run.  They are not all inclusive and my pricing does vary by project. Please contact me at with a detailed description of your project for a final quote.

Tabletop Illustration

      Minimum Total: $500

      Icons: $40-$90/per
      Cards Illustration: $100-$250/per side
      Board Illustration: $200-$ 850
      Box Illustration: $400-$840


Video Game Art

    Minimum Total: $500

    UI Icons: $40/per
    Buyable Items/Powerups/Smaller art pieces: $50 per view
    Backgrounds:  Starts at $425
    Tileable Bg Art: Starts at  $40 per
    Characters: $75 per view/ $2  per frame per character
    Overall UI: $350 per screen,
    Logo: $1200

Comics Color Page Rate

    $35-$82 a page depending on complexity

Original Character and DND Character Commissions

   B/W Headshot: $28

   B/W Half Body: $50

   B/W Full Body:  $75

   Color Headshot: $56

   Color Half body: $70

   Color Full Body:  $100

Caricature Commissions

   B/W: Head only: $25/person

   Color: Head only: $30/person

Other Commissions

    Please contact with a detailed description for more info.


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