About me

Rebecca McConnell is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer based in Milwaukee, WI. She specializes in illustrating 2D vector assets for motion graphics explainer videos, particularly for the business to business and software technology sector. She has a knack for the whimsical, colorful, and humourous. She also enjoys drawing silly comics when she has time. When she's not drawing she's either destroying virtual pixel civilizations,  playing a board game or eating some mac n cheese.


> 10+ years experience using Adobe Illustrator

> Effective communicator with a off site workers

> Very responsive

> Able to take direction and turn around changes quickly

> Working knowledge of Adobe After Effects

> Strong understand of asset to animation pipeline

> Clear file  organization

> Works well in a team including Creative Director, Client and CEO

> Quick Sketcher

> Able to take written directions and turn into visuals

> Quick turnaround time

Bachelor's of Fine Arts,

Graduated May 2013

Illustration Major with a Minor in Communication  Design

GPA 3.7

Work History

Freelance Illustrator (Self-Employed)

May 2013 - Present

Works with clients remotely in the tabletop, video game, comics, and other industries to create illustrative solutions for design problems.

Motion Graphics Illustrator for Ovation Solutions

December 2013 - Present

> Contractor with ad agency Ovation Solutions that      specializes in explainer videos.

> Creates 2D flat vector assets for animation in  Adobe Illustrator

> Communicates remotely with creative director, clients to make changes and perfect assets

> Delivers approved assets to animators in a timely fashion

> Employs all skills listed in 'skills' list